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Welcome to the New Zealand Association of Biological Farmers


Our mission is to spread the word about biological farming and growing to produce nutrient dense food profitably, whilst restoring soil health and water quality.

Biological farming systems are the most exciting revolution in agriculture since the invention of the tractor!

Join other innovative producers and be part of a conversation set to transform the face of today's agriculture.


We'd invite feedback on this site.
What do you want to see?  What would be a reasonable membership fee. 
If there were no additional benefits for membership would you still be happy to make what is in effect a donation to keep the site going? 
The discussion page open to members has so far been a flop.  This is where anyone with experience of biological farming or people with questions about biological farming get to create the content.  What is the hiccup?  Should it be open to anyone?
Please contribute by email using the contacts page
Malcolm White (treasurer/secretary)

A little about us

We are a committed bunch of farmers, growers, researchers, scientists, supply and service companies and consumers passionate about improving farming outcomes across New Zealand.

ABF provides extension services to the primary sector; ensuring producers receive independent, up-to-date and practical information to help build their growing businesses.

Agriculture is in crisis

Agriculture is in crisis

Our natural capital is being eroded; over 11 tonnes of soil/ha is lost every year from our landscape, a 'dead zone' is growing in the sea off the Manukau Harbour, water quality and mineral levels in foods continue to decline, the profitability of many sectors is in question, while the average age of farmers continues to increase. The consequences from the current ‘production at any cost' model impacts on the health of ecosystems, livestock and human health. 
Fortunately there are many practical ways we as land managers can begin to address these issues. ABF is showing how primary production can provide both economic and ecological benefits. Indeed, there is no other option.  
Getting in touch with other farmers and growers is an important part of building the most important natural capital we have; KNOWLEDGE. ABF focuses on Open Days, Discussion Groups and opportunities for producers and consumers to network, troubleshoot and innovate.
Join us in our mission

Join us in our mission

We’re here to promote regenerative farming practices through:
  • education, information exchange, alliance building and advocacy,
  • supporting primary producers through ABF extension services and events,
  • integrating stakeholders in extension activities and,
  • information for consumers, commerce and decision-makers about the benefits offered to the society, environment, and economy.

Biological “Post-modern agriculture is not is the most modern agriculture because it builds carefully and creatively on advances in scientific knowledge particularly in the disciplines of biology, ecology and microbiology.”

- Norman Uphoff. (Norman Uphoff is a Professor of Government and International Agriculture; Programme leader for Sustainable Rice Systems; Cornell International Institute for Food, Agriculture and Development; Director of Graduate Studies, Field of International Development.)

"Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."

- George Bernard Shaw

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